Vampires, the cursed ones
General Information

Thundersound Vale





Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height


Average Weight


Skin Colors

Pale, white

Hair Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Societal Information
Famous Members

Rased Redeye, Sirius Redeye

Vampire is a race (or a sub-race) of former Elves, that lost to their magic addiction and started to use the life force or blood of others to survive.

Physical Appearance Edit

Though vampires have arisen from Elves the illness they had to go through made significant changes in their appearance.

Vampires tend to be much shorter and thinner than Elves, with much paler skin color, that it is almost white. They have longer ears in comparison to their body. The illness made their eyes red. Unlike Elves, whose hair color may vary, Vampires have only dark hair. They wear black robes and dark clothing, sometimes with white or red accesories.

It is unknown how long Vampires live, as none have died from age. It is known that vampires are unreproductive.

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