a typical Elaran unicorn
Geographical Information

mild to cool temperate

  • coniferous forest/taiga
  • deciduous/mixed forest
  • heath/scrub/moor
  • plains/grassland
Physical Information

magical equine

Skin type

short hair




1 foal

Abilities Information
Special Abilities

see description

Attack Type
  • horn
  • hooves
  • trample


Used as Mount


Societal Information
Family Grouping


A unicorn is a mysterious, majestic magical beast. It resembles an imposing and beautiful white horse, with glowing eyes, a silky mane and tail, and a spiraling, shell-shaped horn coming from its forehead. Unlike a horse, they have cloven hooves, and males have a goat's beard.

Characteristics and habits Edit

Unicorns exist to protect forests from intelligent creatures. They dwell deep within their forests, and shun most creatures, only conferring with feys such as pixies, dryads, and sprites. They will show themselves to save their forests, however. Unicorns are strongly magical creatures, with most of their abilities coming from their horn. They can live up to 1000 years, and show effects of aging only weeks before death. They are able to sense evil nearby, and radiate an aura which protects them from most evil spells. The touch of their horn can both heal wounds and cure poison. Unicorns attack by impaling foes on their horns, or with their hooves.

Unicorns are highly prized for the magical properties of their horns and their value as mounts. In myth, they are lured from their homes with virginal maidens. This, however, is untrue.

Abilities Edit

more to come...

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