Please note that when templates have been created, their {{template}} code will be replaced with the [[Template:TemplateName]] code shown in the list of template links.

The following is a list of popular templates to use:Edit

Article TemplatesEdit

Infobox Templates

  • A list of available infobox templates. If yours is not up, please wait for it.
    • Instructions included on infobox template pages.
      • Special Note: Do not create your own infobox. The administration team will work on all new templates as they become necessary. If you want one created, ask on the category talk page.

"You May Be Looking For..." Templates

  • A list of available "you may be looking for..." templates.
    • Instructions included on template pages.


  • For links to the main article of a topic.
    • {{main|Other article}}


  • Use this to perform a standard quotation. The format to use would be:
    • {{quote|Make the quote here.|[[Whoever said this]]}}


  • Use this to perform a translated quote from an alien language.
    • {{quotetrans|Make the quote here.|[[Whoever said this]]}}


  • Use this to show a sequence of persons, such as rulers or leaders.
| prev=
| next=
| list=}}



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