an Elven Ranger

A ranger is primarily a warrior who uses tracking and other wilderness skills to hunt down their enemies. They are protectors of nature, skilled woodsmen, and often live reclusive lives as hermits.

Rangers have extensive tracking abilities, and the thief-like abilities of moving silently and hiding in shadows. Rangers also seem to have an animal empathy ability which allows them to calm frightened or hostile animals. Rangers normally specialize in survival in one type of environment (such as forest or jungle).

A Ranger's access to magic is what keeps most Elarans from ever joining the brotherhood, due to the Elarans' general mistrust of magic. Their special abilities make them better suited to hit and run tactics and focusing on a single opponent. Many of their combat abilities encourage the ranger to use cunning and mobility as opposed to brute force. Other abilities allow the ranger to aid his companions by avoiding ambushes. A ranger's favourite weapon is the bow and arrow.

Ranger is the favored occupation of many Wood Elves, gnomes and Centaurs.

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