Political Information

The Southern Lands




Oda tribal Chieftain

Societal Information



80% farming/food processing 10% blacksmithing 10%Military

Points of Interest

goblin market

Primary Construction Materials

wood and hydes

Historical Information
Policy Information

meat, Goblin Rum

Odagaroth(meaning "Home of the Oda in Goblin speak) is the regional capital of the Goblin province of Odagoda in the Southern Lands it is a large fortification constructed primarily of wooden timbers and animal hyde tents,furs are a numerous byproduct in the village thanks as a large amount of meat producing animals are slaughtered in the region which are made great use of .In the city centre can be found a large hut known as the Odalic longhall in which the tribal leader of the Oda resides,in the courtyard of this hall a thriving market has developed over time and goblins as well as the occasional Human go there to flog their wares to the public.

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