Nuba is the cloud kingdom and is only accessable by reaching the top of Conlis.



The Nubans share a story about the creation of their peaceful kingdom, which is shared as well with other kingdoms such as Conlis, Ventius and Aecor. "As the god Mons looked down at his newly created kingdom, He saw that the inhabitants were covering their eyes from the blazing sun. He could hear the god Sola taunting him. 'Astio never has to worry.' He was sick of the sun god teasing him. So above his mountain he created small white wisps of smoke to create Calligo, god of the clouds. He sent Calligo on a mission. A few days later Calligo had returned, and had made the new kingdom of Nuba to shadow Conlis from Sola's radiating power, and forever Calligo stood and guarded his kingdom.

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