Night Falls is a Druid prophecy about the fate of elven people. Prophecy is mostly about Stoneheart.

The city of sun,
The city of love,
The city of pride
The city of glory
This is how we know it,
Before the night falls.
The glorious nation, by the gods created,
Will lose their pride, when the night will fall.
Once proud, will destroy themselves.
The city, that doesn't care, will fall,
When the night will fall.
The night will fall.
The Sun will never rise up.
The gods will punish them,
For their pride and arrogance.
The city of night,
The city of sins,
The city of pain,
The city of struggle.
This is what, the glory leads to.
Once glorious nation,
Will fall under their glory.
Once glorious nation,
Will never recover.
A terrible curse,
Will spread within them.
It's everything,
What our sons will know,
After the night falls.

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