General Information


Average Lifespan

500-600 years

Physical Information
Average Height

24-48 inches

Skin Colors

golden hue

Hair Colors

blonde, brunette or white

Abilities Information
Societal Information

Although many wonder if they are akin to gnomes, or are perhaps beardless dwarves, these short, fat, golden-skinned beings are an entire race unto themselves. Their ears are large and pointed and their eyes dance to the music that they continually play. Nelves are known far and wide as the greatest musicians and musical instrument crafters in the world. They are sometimes skilled as great craftsmen of other delicate constructions as well. Making their way through life following the Great Song, they are a cheerful and pleasing people, rarely getting involved in anything violent, dangerous or risky. Rarely armed, they simply do not go into hostile or dangerous areas. They are content to entertain in taverns and work their craft.

They dwell in secluded villages located in deep valleys or on high mountains. Shallow burrows dug into hillsides comprise the majority of residences in a Nelth village, although small cottages house a few families and provide taverns or inns for local meeting places. The Nelth are a merry folk, full of gaiety and ready to enjoy life's bounty.

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