The Mashite Pantheon is the collection of deities worshipped across the region of Mashit.

The Pantheon includes the following deities:

  • A'as, intermediate god of magic and wisdom
  • Abadir, greater god of drought, scorpions, serpents and thirst
  • Almarkah, intermediate god of fertility, moon, physical prowess and war
  • Al-Quam, intermediate god of caravans, night, trade and war
  • Arslan, lesser god of navigation and stars
  • Ishtar, greater goddess of deceit, fertility, love, lust, vanity and war
  • Labartu, intermediate goddess of disease, fever, illness, plagues and death
  • Loxis, greater god of archery, healing, light, music, poetry, prophecy, sun and truth
  • Nergal, greater god of destruction, pestilence, sun and war
  • Ahriman, greater god of chaos, darkness, death and destruction

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