The Lantian Pantheon were a collection of eleven deities worshipped throughout Lantian lands.

Membership and worshipEdit

  • Aricia - goddess of agriculture, fertility and weather.
  • Belenus - god of knowledge, lore and magic.
  • Damia - goddess of hearth and home.
  • Epona - goddess of love, beauty, childbirth and marriage.
  • Lenus - god of trade, wealth and greed.
  • Morana - goddess of hunting, moon, night and prophecy.
  • Nodens - god of sea voyages, storms and water.
  • Perun - god of discipline, nobility, strategy and warfare.
  • Sequana - goddess of good fortune.
  • Taranis - god of sun, light, life and rebirth. King of the gods.
  • Veles - god of death, the dead and the underworld.

Of these, Aricia, Epona, Perun and Taranis were considered the most important deities, with Taranis acting as the leader of the gods and Perun as his second-in-command.

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