This is a list of the first 34 kings of Náinor The throne went from father to son unless noted.

First Kingdom Edit

  1. Náin I.
  2. Muradáin I.
  3. Thorin I. brother of the above
  4. Dáin I. of Náinor
  5. Meredáin I.
  6. Thorin II.
  7. Náin II. brother of Thorin
  8. Thráin I. son of Náin
  9. Beredin I.
  10. Beredin II.
  11. Beredin III.
  12. Thorin III. son of cousin of Beredin II.
  13. Thorin IV.
  14. Thorin V.
  15. Thorin VI.
  16. Náin III. brother of Thorin V.

Here the line was broken as a result of the War of Dwarves on Elves.

Second Kingdom Edit

  1. Thráin II., a descendent of Thráin I.
  2. Dorin I.
  3. Dorin II.
  4. Dorin III.
  5. Dorin IV.
  6. Dorin V.

Magnum imperium Edit

  1. His Majesty Emperor Megneus X. of Imperium Magnum
  2. His Majesty Emperor Megneus XI. of Imperium Magnum

The Third Kingdom Edit

  1. Náin IV. a descendant of Dorin IV.
  2. Náin V.
  3. Beredin IV.
  4. Beredin V.
  5. Beredin VI.
  6. Beredin VII.
  7. Beredin VIII.
  8. Beredin IX.
  9. Beredin X.
  10. Dorin VI.
  11. Thorin VII.
  12. Thráin II.

...and many others