E Elsethéd was populated Northmen. It was a large and glorious kingdom on the upperIldoin.


  • ...
  • Elsemir
  • Twenty years none
  • Aratan, known also as Gilras

Cities and CastlesEdit

Was the capital of Elsethéd.It was near the river.King Elsemir has been building its walls for 10 years.

Fortas ArrainEdit

Fotas Arrain is the first place mentioned.The northmen first saw the invading Rydhuvaim there.


The lords of Visburg have asked for some swords from Thonmer.By the time Gilras was twelve,a wild horde of mounted archers have sacked Visburg and its lord was dead.

Arras TareinEdit

Arras Tarein


King ElsemirEdit

King Elsemir was killed in the prologue by Valrud.He will never flee and rather die defending his castle then save his life.

Prince DalemirEdit

Was the younger brother of King Elsemir.He died in battle against the Rydhuvaim.


Was councillor to King Elsemir.After seeing the death of his lord he hurried to save Merian,in what he failed. However he rescued Gilras from the burning castle and escaped with the baby boy in a boat.However he was thrown off by an arrow, but survived.

After the king died ,Talberon with a company of rangers fought hordes of mounted archers.In one of these battles he was killed after revealling the rangers that the heir of king Elsemir might still be alive.


Merian was Elsemirs wife and Gilras´mother.She was killed a few minutes later by a group of Rydhuvaim after her husband.


Was a smith by the river who adopted Gilras.When Gilras was twelve he took him to Arras Tarein.


Was a the lord of Arras Tarein.


Was the son of Aldemir.He was very proud and was 2 years younger than Gilras.


Is Riddarans older sister.She is the same age as Gilras.

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