Elves, created by the gods
General Information

Northern Shadowguard and Aradia





Average Lifespan


Physical Information
Average Height


Skin Colors

pale, tan, peach

Hair Colors


Eye Colors

Amber, purple

Abilities Information
Societal Information

Elves are the founders of United Nations. Elven capital city is Stoneheart. Elven racial leader is Rimmar Bloodcrest.

History Edit

Elven legends reveal that the elves were created out of the love of the gods: Nyewao and Wyrush. They all lived happily together, untill the fate decided that gods won't live with elves together. Everything what elves have left of them now is magic.
At the beginning elves lived in harmony with nature and used magic very rare and carefully. By the time they started to become addicted from magic and used it daily. Everything what elves have now can not exist without magic.
Recently Arlbrum arrived in Nordoria trying to control Nulatak, to enslave the whole universe. He has found out how to control it, thereby elves have lost the opportunity to use magic. Elves are desperately searching for a new source of energy. Some elves have even started to use the life force of others to survive.

Culture Edit

Magical addiction Edit

Everything what elves have is based upon magic. Not only buildings are based upon magic, but even the land itself, because it can sink into the bottoms of the sea.
Their source of magic was Nulatak, but now it is corrupted by Arlbrum, so everyone who uses magic becomes corrupted and enslaved by him.
After elves lost their source of magic, they are desperately searching for a new one. Magic is part of elves life, but to conjure they have to have a source of magic. While searhing for it they are vainly wasting their magic. Some elves have started to use the life force of other beings and nature. But many of them are driven insane without the magic.
Elves have found out that Lyzy stones are giving some magic to it's owner. They have found out also that concetrating large amounts of magic can create a new source of magic. It is the last hope to all elves.

Characteristics Edit

Elves are good known for being proud and arrogant, because they are the only race created by the gods and somehow being a part of them. Therefore they value themselves higher than any other race. Elves like forests and it's inhabitants, ironically they are very destructive.

Notable elves Edit

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