Many of these Cloaks of Darkness exist, but like most magic items, they are difficult to find and virtually impossible to use for mundanes.

A Cloak of Darkness is a full length hooded cloak, usually of a dark coloured material, which has been spelled. If worn without the hood raised, the cloak's magic does not work. Raise the hood, and the cloak aids the wearer in visibly blending into dark surroundings, such as shade, shadows, or actual darkness. Activated, the wearer appears to look like part of the shadow he or she is attempting to hide in. The darker the area, the better the effect. It only affects sight, not sound. Wearing the cloak and being noisy negates the effect of the cloak's magic.

If used in a well lit and/or open area, the magic has no effect. It does not make the wearer invisible.

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