Benaar is the name of the milky substance produced when benaarite chemically reacts with water to create a physical change. Benaarite dissolves very slowly in water - 1 gram of benaarite can take more than a month to completely dissolve in any amount of water. The resulting milky substance is known as benaar.

The joKara species evolved in pools of benaar-infused water. The benaar in the unjoined joKara performs the same physiological chemical functions that oxygen does in most other living beings. As such, the joKara have no lungs because they don't - and can't - breathe air. They take in benaar instead. When a joKara takes a host, the host will not have any benaar in its system, so the joKara must use oxygen instead. The joKara parasite must remove oxygen from the host's bloodstream once the host's lungs have processed it from the air.

Benaar also acts as a magic inhibitor, as well. The unjoined joKara are unable to use magic. Once joined to a host, the joined being would be able to access magic.

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