The world of Aidor is the seventh planet from the star Arion. It is one of vast contienents, and strange races. Below are listed the most numerous races and kingdoms on Aidor.


Humans. Pretty much like us physically, although culturally they vary. Here are the races classified as human.(As well as their homelands)

  • Bronzemen - The Barren Plains
  • Riversons - Dagoradd
  • Thyl'kin - The Sun Isles
  • Cloudborn - The Elder Mountains
  • Terracyon - Arithacae
  • Phyrings - Arnlos
  • Solspani - Gar'shagmont


Taramorn. A race resembling mankind pretty well, athough their use of Melrin is much greater than Humans. Here are the three divisons of the Taramorn race. (As well as their homelands, of course.)

  • Mona'Thor - Taramr Isle
  • Stir'stonyel - The Sky Mountains
  • The Wielders - The Four Islands

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